All of which can outweigh the cost of indoor storage alone!!

  • Eliminate paint oxidation
  • Protects tires and rubber and upholstry from sun damage, dry rot and fading
  • Prevents rainwater build-up, mold, and mildew
  • Prevents rotting and staining of boat covers. No more messy birds!
  • Protection from vandalism and theft
  • Protection from wheel rust and trailer deterioration
  • Extends time between detailing and cleaning
  • Extends rubber roof life & required maintenance
  • Eliminates mildew damage from outdoor shrink wrapped storage
  • Prevents water and chemical spotting from acid rain
  • Prevents intrusion of rodents, birds or insects or vandals
  • Eliminates the unsightliness of at home storage
  • Helps maintain your resale value more than the cost of indoor storage
  • Helps your wife forget about all your extra toys
  • Protects your investment and secures your peace of mind